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I had a “cha ching” moment when I could not find a candle scent I wanted. I thought why not make it myself hence our first candle. The cleanser was born. Being on a spiritual path and with the other creative products are all handmade with love and attention.

Our clients also gently nudge me to make me realise and also pushing us past our boundaries of creativity. Hence the rest of our range of products. For ever being creative and sharing with you is all I ever want.

The candle symbolises light in the darkness of life especially individual life, illumination. It is the symbol of holy illumination of the spirit of truth.

There is a spiritual meaning of candle burning. On a practical level, candles help to set up a lovely, atmosphere most suitable for prayer, meditation, healing, and other activities It’s a good idea to have a collection of various coloured candles as part of your meditation practice. Some of the candle colours and their meanings include:

GOLD – Strength, confidence, faith and wisdom. PINK – Love, forgiveness, compassion Affection, love, spiritual awakening, matters of the heart, femininity, emotional well-being, sensuality, compassion and self-love.

BLUE – Creative inspiration healing, feeling nervous, depressed,

ORANGE – Motivation, enthusiasm, boosts energy, attract good fortune.

PURPLE – Peace, serenity , wisdom, psychic ability, protection, mystery and magic, divination, astral travel, royalty, power and authority, strengthens your connection with the unseen realms, strength, personal power, spiritual awareness,

YELLOW – Concentration, focus, creativity, intellect, higher wisdom

GREEN – Balance, harmony, growth, fertility, finances, or even business.

RED- love, harmony, passion, fire, energy, relationships

WHITE - Purity, truth, sincerity, spirituality and new beginnings.

LAVENDER – Spells of love, intimacy and passion, friendship, heart’s desire, intuition, peace, paranormal, healing


How to use our candles

Lighting candles spiritually:

Safety first. Don’t leave candles unattended.

How to use our candles this is the fun productive bit.

Lighting these candles with spiritual intentions alerts the divine that you are asking for help.

It is all about the intentions we set. It will create an atmosphere of energetic support. It is great fun using candles and discovering their power in helping to transform situations in your life. You will find that adding candle work is a wonderful support system in your spiritual practice.


“May our candles light up your world.”

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