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The Customer Always Knows Best

Highly recommended Kalika Candles.
I got my Enlightenment candle and I love it!
Very citrussy.
Perfect for rasing your vibration this time of year.
It came beautifully packaged and even had a feather necklace which I used for decoration on my Himalayan salt lamp.
Love it Hinx Halai.
Looking forward to getting more of the range you have.

Arun Salt Man Lotay

kalika candle have gone international, thank you beautiful one for my awesome gifts, the are absolutely to die for, the scent is so divine and strong, nothing like these candles have I EVER seen on the market. When I am allowed to fly into the UK from Perth I definitely will be only coming to purchase these candles by the boxes. Thank you Hinx for bringing these divine love and scent made with love and light into my life.

Chandrika Khetani

I purchased 40 pumpkin spiced candles from Kalika Candles for our Babyshower favours and i have to say they exceeding expectations. Everyone got in touch to ask where I got them from. Not only did they smell amazing but the fragrance stayed throughout the day. Thank you for making our babyshower extra special and providing an amazing service. Would highly recommend.

Kirti Bhudia

The candles are made with so much love, they look beautiful and smell delicious. Highly recommend these candles for any form of meditation, relaxation or creative work.

Shofna Aziz

It’s lightning my home that I can say....

Hemesh Patel

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